Kindergarten Graduation

You can watch the Sonia Sotomayor Kindergarten Graduation here:

Kindergarten Reverse Parade
Tuesday, May 19th, 7:00pm
Staff will be around the school to congratulate our kindergarten students!
Families should drive north on S Lake Avenue from 26th, go through the school parking lot, turn right on Covell Street and head south along the backside of the school. 

We hope to see you ALL there! 
Congratulations, Kindergarten Students (& parents, too!!)

How to Raise a Reader

Reading is an invaluable part of each child’s education. Whether you are wondering when and how to start reading with your child, need tips and tricks to engage young readers, or are struggling to get an older child to read consistently, the following article is an excellent resource. It even has book ideas for each age group. We encourage you to read it!

November PTO Minutes

PTO Board Members Present: Fenecia, Megan, Jen, Amy, Gretchen

Number of parents present: 0

Administrator Present: Tracy Vik, Jana Greenfield

Number of teachers present: 2




*PTO Budget Information

  • Currently, there is about $17,000 in the account
  • Fenecia went through what we might be earning and giving out this year
  • Purchased the SWANK movie licence for the school year again
  • Any big purchase ideas for school? VR class set was an idea (admin would like to purchase soon)
  • Fundraising needed? Gretchen and Cindy picked out about three things that we could try to promote with incentive to help towards tech purchase
  • Admin suggested budgeting $399 for subscription to the VR program: motioned to approve, seconded, passed
  • Fundraising ideas for McDonalds and Pizza Ranch

*Funds survey to teachers

  • Results from Megan: 29 responses
    • 21 said general, 4 bussing, 4 other but no specifications
    • 2nd grade teachers reported using their funds from last year for games, flexible seating, some saved for field trips
  • Motion to set a date to send out request form for teachers
    • Motion passed with a due date on Fri, Jan 10, 2020

*Goals for PTO this year

  • Volunteers
  • Meeting Attendance

*Upcoming events and support needed

  • Holiday teacher appreciation before break (ideas: breakfast, cookie exchange, door treats for teachers)
  • Pancake Guy in March

*Principal Announcements

  • Project Warm-Up: Buddy Classrooms on the 13th and Saturday the 14th is the event
    • Need Volunteers for cutting


  • January is our next PTO meeting
  • Reach out to a speaker to present: MAP results after 2nd round
  • First 20 minutes for meeting, 35 minutes for presenter, 5 minute wrap-up


  • Thanks for coming!

May PTO Minutes



  • Welcome/Introductions
  • End of Year Budget overview
    • Projection for Quiz Bowl due by May 17 so that we can fund end-of-year things
    • we still have expenses, but Quiz Bowl funds need to come in first
  • Principal announcements
    • Upcoming Events:
    • Fri, May 3                        8am-12pm QUIZ BOWL
    • Fri, May 3                        School Lunch Hero Day
    • Sun, May 5                       Jen Albig-McKay’s Birthday
    • Sun, May 5 – Wed May 8  5th Graders Concordia Trip
    • Mon, May 6                     PASI Meeting at IPC 6:30pm
    • May 6-May 10                Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Wed, May 8                     National School Nurse’s Day
    • Thur, May 9                    6:30 PTO Ice cream Social / Art Walk
    • Mon, May 13                  $5 BOOK DAY-LIBRARY
    • Tue, May 14                    $5 BOOK DAY- LIBRARY
    • Thur, May 16                    Carnival Dance 6-8:30pm
    • Fri, May 17                      Quiz Bowl Money Collection Deadline
    • Wed May 22                   9am Kinder Graduation / 1:30 5th grade awards ceremony
    • Thur, May 23rd                 1:00 Staff basketball game, all school picnic, all school photo
    • Fri, May 24                    FIELD DAY
    • Fri, May 24                      Last Day of School for students
  • PTO Reminders for committees and community
    • Fri, May 3 Quiz Bowl reminder
    • Week of May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation week, sign up was sent out
    • Thurs, May 9 Art and Ice Cream Social (need help hanging projects)
      • 2 tables by kitchen, cup, spoon, napkin- scoop and go
    • Mon, May 13-17 Carnival/Cultural Week: Thurs, May 16 Carnaval parade and dance starting at 6 pm outside, dance volunteers to help
  • Next year proposal for events and meetings
    • Should we just have 1 fundraiser, instead of 2, since PTO, PASI, and SCHOOL all do different fundraisers?
  • Quiz Bowl in spring still, but maybe earlier
    • 3 scheduled social events (fall movie night, winter pancake, spring ??) ??
      • Pizza Bingo in fall
      • Movie night
      • Pancake social tied with March/Dr Seuss/with book fair and conferences
    • 1 scheduled meeting a quarter, 4 meetings total for the year?
      • 1st meeting Rotational PTO, Andy, Jenni, Literacy support, Math support
      • 1 Math night
      • 1 Literacy night
      • Wrap up
    • Parent involvement/committee sign up?
      • Ask Tracy to email in the fall with signup genius
    • Other ideas?
      • Set up a meeting for Board in June or early July to plan out dates for the year with admin
  • If you are interested in being a member of the PTO board next year, please talk to one of the current board members or email