November PTO Minutes

PTO Board Members Present: Fenecia, Megan, Jen, Amy, Gretchen

Number of parents present: 0

Administrator Present: Tracy Vik, Jana Greenfield

Number of teachers present: 2




*PTO Budget Information

  • Currently, there is about $17,000 in the account
  • Fenecia went through what we might be earning and giving out this year
  • Purchased the SWANK movie licence for the school year again
  • Any big purchase ideas for school? VR class set was an idea (admin would like to purchase soon)
  • Fundraising needed? Gretchen and Cindy picked out about three things that we could try to promote with incentive to help towards tech purchase
  • Admin suggested budgeting $399 for subscription to the VR program: motioned to approve, seconded, passed
  • Fundraising ideas for McDonalds and Pizza Ranch

*Funds survey to teachers

  • Results from Megan: 29 responses
    • 21 said general, 4 bussing, 4 other but no specifications
    • 2nd grade teachers reported using their funds from last year for games, flexible seating, some saved for field trips
  • Motion to set a date to send out request form for teachers
    • Motion passed with a due date on Fri, Jan 10, 2020

*Goals for PTO this year

  • Volunteers
  • Meeting Attendance

*Upcoming events and support needed

  • Holiday teacher appreciation before break (ideas: breakfast, cookie exchange, door treats for teachers)
  • Pancake Guy in March

*Principal Announcements

  • Project Warm-Up: Buddy Classrooms on the 13th and Saturday the 14th is the event
    • Need Volunteers for cutting


  • January is our next PTO meeting
  • Reach out to a speaker to present: MAP results after 2nd round
  • First 20 minutes for meeting, 35 minutes for presenter, 5 minute wrap-up


  • Thanks for coming!
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