January PTO Minutes


Piece of Cake fundraiser

Megan reported around $9,000

Thank you to all who participated in some way, shape or form

Budget by Fenecia

$13,769 is in the funds right now

What to use funds? Teacher $, rock wall- may need to sit on the money for now

Expenses; a few still coming

Other fundraiser is Quiz Bowl

Need to also pay the $1,500 for the field trip bussing to the account from PTO

Sarah Taggart came from Great American to give ideas for fundraising; handed out brochures with ideas for spring fundraising ideas- can pay $100 to do the money counting for us

There is an online weebly style that people can just pay online with paypal, debit, credit

Tracy suggested doing the Magazine sale and a second choice jointly (March 21st)

Sarah suggests doing the magazine with another for 1.5-2 weeks

Concern about asking too much from parents for money

Prizes can be adjustable and flexible for what we want it to be- she has the chart and keychain system

Two week notice needed to get it in order to make t roll out

Principal Report

GeoBee is for 4th and 5th grade only- 28 students signed up, received study guide and will take the test this

Thurs, Jan 10, following Thurs will be the finalist round with parent invite, and then the winner(s) will go

to the next level

Teacher of the Year nomination form is in paper copy and online form are out for people to fill out

Include the principal so she knows you are nominating

Room parent involvement email for them to send to their parents from the board

MAP scores coming home in report cards- don’t look at percentile rank (RIT score and growth)

Showed the stats comparing the growth percentage compared to the district

Teachers doing Data Diggs during collaboration to help support students before next round of MAP

Read Across America

Next year kindergarten applications due tomorrow, all applications get turned in to school


Spring Conference meal sign-up, may have room parents send out to families

Book Fair volunteers was sent to Mrs. Egstad

Possible dance social at end of year with Carnival? DJ Seth Sieff

Sat, March 2 is Dr Seuss Birthday- Reading social event with pancake people

Box Tops due tomorrow and keep collecting!!

Look up Amazon Smile

Speaker Ideas

Next night meeting we are hoping to have a speaker talk about a topic of the parent’s choice.

Maybe plan an event based off the speaker to have a parent/child event afterwards to try what was learned.

Send out a survey to parents about what they would like more support in and then use that to ask teachers if they would be available to show or support.

Next meeting is on Thurs, Feb 7 at 11:30 am in the library


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