December PTO Minutes

Flap Jacks and Santa…So So shop was down in attendance which resulted in lower in returns. There may be a variety of reasons for this and will consider timing of other events in 2018.

Spirit wear web site is up and running and purchases are being made. Orders will be processed every other Monday. Shipped to home is a flat $12.00. Orders by Dec. 13 will be home by 25th. Free if shipped to SSE and will be able to hand out orders sent to school through Friday Dec. 22. If shipped to school, parents need to come to school to pick up. Items will be put in bags that are opaque, so that items cannot be seen.
Book Fair: Gretchen is phasing out of chairing it and February will be her last. Looking for another volunteer to “chair” the book fair.
Discussing options with a different vendor for alternating fairs.
Next Fair will be in February with spring conferences. Need volunteers.
Thank you to all volunteers who help throughout the year.
Treasurer Report:
Balancce of over $5000
$2685 provided for teacher classrooms
$9000 provided for sound system and color printer
Principal’s Report
Teachers grateful for the money that has allowed them to purchase items for their classrooms.
5th grade leadership group has been doing a number of things in various ways to be leaders. Some mentoring to younger students.
70 parents attended information sessions for SSE. Lottery will be early next year.
Tumbler sales raised $13,000 which was given to classrooms and for PE department. Support given to school counselor. Funds for library books.
Trip to Mexico was a worthwhile experience. 60,000 people attended. 60 different publishers. Majority of authentic texts, but also books for which the students have been asking. Purchased over 750 books in Spanish. Got memoirs, biography and other types of books asked for by students. Bought several series. Books will be shipped to SSE for free. Middle school will also be receiving books. Made good contacts and are discussing of when and who will return. Found texts from various countries to allow teachers and interns to have books from their own country.
A new pre-school teacher will be hired as the teacher is leaving.
Will be making connections with Hayward Elementary School.
Planning a Carnival Celebration to happen in spring.